2022 New Arrival Segmented Lash
Extensions DIY

All-natural lash glue!

Let eyelashes fit better

These magical segmented eyelashes

It looks as natural as a handmade fan!

DIY lashes Extension

DIY LASHES--Segmented Lashes

DIY Lashes Extensions is the new trend of the Lashes market in 2022.

We are the professional lashes manufacturer in China with the 10 years experience. There are Specific Bond, Sealant, Remover can help you to build own comprehensive Products line.

Difference from other eyelashes

DIY Lashes Extension (Segmented Lashes) are the 8-10 segment clusters of lightweight false lashes.

1. Stressless and no damage of your Natural Eyelashes 

2. DIY your own lashes styles.

3. Specially Designed Lashes Band

4. 5-7 days Long Lasting

5. Popular on the lashes market


DIY Lashes Extensions

50+ styles

Different length with thin band

Synthetic material

Vegan and cruelty free

Professional Bond

Long last for 5+ days

Professional Sealant


Professional Remover

Easy to remove, no damage

Customized Kits

Unique brand design