Lash Ribbon: The Ultimate Guide 2022

What Are Lash Ribbons?

Lash ribbons are the DIY lashes, which are trending lash extensions 2022. These DIY lashes are bonded together, looking like a ribbon, so we call these DIY lashes with the name “lash ribbon”.

Here our lash ribbon is made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) plastic fiber. PBT fiber is a special material, used to make all types f false lashes, due to its soft texture.

DIY Lashes – Lash Ribbon

Absolutely, you can use the lash ribbon to DIY lashes, yes, do it yourself. These lash ribbons are the densest false lash extensions, as the trending extension lashes 2022.

The natural black ribbon lashes can help you achieve the natural lash look, without going to the professional lash bar, or beauty salon. The biggest hit is that you can enjoy the pleasure of DIY lashes at home.

You can wear the lash ribbon clusters to customize your lash look according to your requirements, based on your real lash effect. Use the proper lash strip to fill your lashes to be much more fluffy. 100% control your own lash look.

How Long Do Lash Ribbons Last?

Lash ribbons are DIY lashes that you can do it yourself with false lashes at home. You can simply trim the lash ribbons to pick some proper lash clusters, and then you adhere the lash spikes to your real lashes, bonding them together.

Lash ribbons are durable, and our lash ribbons can last up to 14 days, to stay much longer with proper care.

Different Lengths of Lash Ribbon Are Provided

lash ribbon lengths

Like other regular strips, lash ribbons can be made of different lengths. From 8mm to 18mm, our lash ribbons have a big scope of lengths, and we can customize your desired length if needed. Ribbon lashes with shorter lengths can help you create a natural lash look. 10mm lash ribbon, 12mm lash ribbon, 14mm lash ribbon is the most popular lengths that you can try on. 

Your desired lash style can determine what length of the lash ribbon you prefer. In a word, we can provide different lengths of the wholesale lash ribbon, and please chat with us now to pick your wanted lengths. 

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Lash Ribbon Wholesale

As you know, lash ribbon is the trending false lashes this year, and our lash manufacturer can provide lash ribbon wholesale. We support private label printing on the custom lash ribbon packaging. 

We have different colors of the lash ribbon packaging box. The cardboard lash ribbon box is the most popular, with the cheapest prices. And ribbon lashes can be put in the slim lash box packaging, and here welcome to contact us at any time to ask for the free lash ribbon samples. 

Finally, if you have any questions about the ribbon lashes, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

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