How To Start Your Eyelash Business

Contact us to start your business

Step 1

1.Contact Us—Leave your contact information

2.Professional salesman to connect with you

Step 2

1.Choose the kind of lashes

2.Choose specific styles from the catalog

3.Choose packaging style from the catalog

4.Confirm the quantity

5. Video chat service available

6. Check the quote plans

Step 3



2.Western union



Step 4

1.Samples order ship out in 24 hours, Local shipping just 2-3 business days!

2.Professional Designers to design the boxes with your ideas

3.Preview Design Pics will done in 1 hour

4.Modify until perfect, Design Approval

5. Production, about 7-10 business days

6.3 times Quality Check, about 3 business days

7.Pack goods well and ship out

Step 5


DHL/UPS/FedEx 3-6 business days

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