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ZMLashee is an international eyelashes manufacturer with 10 years of experience in the production of highquality eyelashes, focusing on providing the most comprehensive eyelashes product line and the best quality. And we have a long history of cooperation with international famous eyelashes brands! We have the ability and experience to provide the best products and services!

With an overseas warehouse located in California, USA, we can meet the demand of rapid sample testing and dropshipping in prime time
With 10 years of experience, senior design masters design unique and invincible customized services for you for free. After all, this is an era of FMCG, and explosive eye-catching can make you stand out from the crowd
Of course, for every eyelash brand, continuous innovation, quality stability is the first judgment to choose a supplier, Our strength is worthy of your choice!

As one of the largest and most professional manufacturers of eyelash products, our goal is to produce the best quality products and provide the best services. With years of experience in this field, we have the ability to provide better services and products at a lower cost.

Many kinds of products

We have real mink 、faux mink、magnetic lashes、Segmented lashes、Various eyeliner and makeup remover tools and many more

U.S. Warehouse Transportation

Located in California warehouse can meet all your transportation needs, double guarantee of speed and safety

One-to-one Professional Service

We have a professional team to serve you and solve problems according to your needs。

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